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This essay explores the history and values behind the Fendi brand. The results should help to understand the success of this Italian company that is specialized in fur, ready to wear, leather goods, accessories, menswear, kidswear, eyewear and fragrance and how trough the years thanks to the values of the brand, it consolidate as one of the most desire and important in the global luxury market.


Fendi is all about Italian glamor, an unabashed display of richness, sensuality and taste for indulgence. In 1919 Adele Casagrande founder of the House of Fendi, opened her first small fur and leather good shop. In 1925 Adele married Edoardo Fendi and change the name of her shop to reflect her own new surname. Fendi was officially founded the same year of the marriage in Via del Plebiscito, Rome by the new couple; Adele and Edoardo Fendi. In 1938 the “Selleria” was created and they opened a second shop in Rome. This brand launch the first runway presented with a short fashion film. Fendi became a multinational luxury fashion brand and member of LVMH group in 2001. In October 2007 Fendi make a fashion show on the Great Wall of China, making this breathtaking event the first show visible from the Moon. The legendary Baguette bag and the timeless Peekaboo helped to create the Fendi image and will be forever associated with the brand.

2. Values
2.1. Legacy.

There is no place like Rome, because Rome makes history and Fendi is Rome. Rome has change and not change. Rome is eternal as Fendi brand. In 1946 Adela and Eduardo five daughters; Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla and Alda join Fendi reinventing shapes and materials, bringing a new wave of enthusiasm. Nicknamed the five fingers of the hand; Carla became the business coordinator, Anna focus on the leather goods, Paola was in charge of the furs, Franca took over the customer relations, and Alda headed up the sales department

Rome in the sixties was all about “La dolce vita”. In 1965 the company choose a young emerging German designer call Karl Lagerfeld. In Lagerfeld hands a new concept of fur born; light colorful apparel for emancipated independent woman always in the look for unique style. This is wear the double F from the logo begins; it comes from the words “fun furs”. In 1985 they celebrate 60 years of business and 20 years with Karl Lagerfeld.

In the 90 Fendi men and Fendi casa were launch. In 1994 Silvia Venturini Fendi, daughter of Anna, create the Baguette bag. The first bag to claim the title “It bag.” This bag was the little Fendi that Carrie Bradshaw swung through Sex and the City. Having the first “it bag” its part of the rich heritage from the brand, being pioneers is one of the strongest values of the brand.

2.2 Exclusivity

Uncommonness, limited, niche, rarity and uniqueness are synonymous of exclusivity and means that is design just you, is only one. Its like a portrait of the person that order the design and Fendi understand this perfectly. Made to measure is the opposite of mass production, exclusivity is hand made only. Hand made is slow; perfection is not fast, requires a huge time investment. Fendi had a long list of loyal private clients and for them, they create the made to order service. This service is only available in select boutiques and is the highest expression of exclusivity.

Unique customized objects of desire can be created thanks to Fendi’s savoir-faire united with the creativity of the most exacting clients. An endless range of possibilities makes dreams come true. After schedule an in- store appointment Fendi Made to Order specialists will help the costumer to personalize every single detail to make it truly unique. A enormous selection of prized Fendi materials that include textured Romano leather and exotic skins such as crocodile and ostrich from a palette of 37 colors, suede or nappa interior, hand embroidery, gold-plated metal plaque and finishings. Makes Fendi costumer’s accessories the most unique in its kind.


2.3 Sensorial

Sensorial is pleasure, attention and feeling the small details. Luxury by nature is sensorial. Luxury has a long history of controversy, non- essential and exclusive products that make feel the users special and unique. The Fendi woman does not need a man by her side, is very confident, aristocratic in her demeanor and very cultured, she dares to go beyond fashion trends and conventions often breaking away from them and revealing a strong mind, independent nature. Fendi furs are the perfect accessory for this kind of woman because furs create an element of surprise. Fendi products can be discreet but also very provocative, they give the woman who use them the sensation of complementing their personality and enhance the way she carries herself.

2.4 Skill

What make Fendi furs so unique, and part of very few fashion houses across the world that can claim to be leaders in fur expertise category is the capacity to take different materials, mix them together and treat them with the aim of going beyond what has always been done in the industry in regards to traditional fur workmanship. In 1977 Karl Lagerfeld after revolutionizing how to wear fur by fully reinterpreting it, transforming it into a fashionable, soft, light item of clothing, he launched the House’s ready-to- wear collection. Fendi products represent an investment in time. This applies not only to the time spent making an object but also to the process of perfecting skills. Makers of Fendi luxury are inspired by passion and curiosity for the intricate nature of objects, the potential of materials, and complex techniques. The result combines high levels of innovation with a respect for craft traditions. This brand was part of the beginning of the fur revolution. They could make the impossible, possible thanks to their unique skill. Hand made in a particular way by very skilled artisans using secret technics.

One of Fendi famous techniques is Intrecciato; this technique born at the end of the ’40s when Adele Fendi’s desire to make versatile and soft bags. This process was borrowed from the fur world, and consists of thin strips of leather woven together and stitched entirely by hand. Like this technique the brand have many others that keep them in secret, and only their old skilled artisans has master it.

2.5 Non-essential

In the 1900 Fendi become a way of opulence life. Luxury is hard to explain, lot of people don’t understand the reason of spending a lot of money in unnecessary things. Luxury is irrational, real luxury is unethical, extreme, and only understand by a few. Non-essential luxury has the potential to unlock dreams of being somewhere else or someone else. The acquisition of luxury objects that are not necessary for human survival is because people enjoy buying and using them. The question of luxury is ultimately a personal one. Everyone decides for himself or herself what their luxury could be. Enjoying or affording luxury is not only a question of budget but of individual circumstances and preferences, the motive is to experiment special moments and extraordinary experiences. Fendi products are definitely non- essential but people that purchase them always feel a terrible satisfaction and a grateful sensation.


The reason why Fendi is so successful is because they mix modernity and irony, tradition and experimentation. Fendi feels like Rome, that’s why the brand invested approximately $2.7 million to help restore the worldwide famous Trevi Fountain designed in 18th century by Nicola Salvi. The future for Fendi will be to continue investing in Rome, the brand always be there if the city needs them, because Rome is a essential part of the brand. Fendi in the future will continue combining high levels of innovation with a respect for craft traditions, this formula is part of their solid roots and shared values and the principal key of their success. The perfect balance is constantly evolving and will continue like this; the satisfaction and ability of reached an object combined with the desire to go beyond this objective to constantly invent new ones. Fendi in the future will have stores in countries that the brand didn’t arrive yet. Fendi will continue creating new luxury goods that will blow our minds, maybe a fashion show under water, washable furs, furs that change color with the mood, or leathers goods mixed with wearable technology, like jackets or other garments. The sky is the limit for Fendi, what ever they decide to do, they will master it. The brand is not improvised they study and calculated everything with precision, they love to innovated and brake schemes. One of Fendi`s strengths is the ability to dare to break the rules to go beyond what has already been done and this is all thanks to the strong grasp to make things right. So the future for them can be anything, the only certain thing that it can be affirm is that they will impress us.

4. Biography

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